Bee Whisperer


The drone that aims to save the bees instead of replacing them

Where are the honeybees?

If you haven’t heard yet, the bees are disappearing. But what do we do about it?

We were annoyed when we first read that the tech industry was developing drones with the purpose to pollinate flowers and ultimately replace the missing bees.

So if we combine the biological knowledge that we have about the bees’ behaviour with already existing technology, we could develop the first drone with one clear purpose: Save the bees.

We call it the Bee Whisperer

Created with Mark A. Terkelsbøl

The Waggle Dance

Bees communicate with each other using a special dance called the Waggle dance in order to guide the other bees to better areas. 

By using vibration patterns and heat, we could get smaller drones to guide the bees away from affected areas.

Created with Mark A. Terkelsbøl