Fighting palm oil
by lighting a candle

IKEA lets you fight palm oil production with candles

We’re constantly being expected to make environmentally conscious choices. So IKEA switched palm oil with our new UPPLYST oil in all our candles to tackle the consequences of palm oil production.

We just waited 1 year to tell you – because we didn’t want to interrupt your candlelit dinners.
Because IKEA believes that every purchase should be an environmentally friendly one.


How have IKEA customers unknowingly helped to save the rainforest and orangutangs the last year?
We told them with a simple bumper.


We didn’t want to interrupt your candlelit dinners. Yet, it’s important for us to let you know just how much you help.





If we don’t grab this opportunity of switching palm oil with a perfect sustainable substitute, the consequences of deforestation will continue. IKEA will lead by example and inspire other brands to switch to UPPLYST oil now.


How will we let you know about your unknowing climate actions?
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